June 2021 – Take a Seat with Tritter Feefer

Friends conversing with friends about industry trends (1.5-minute read)

In March we introduced you to a new quarterly conversation Tritter Feefer began with you, our industry friends. We’ve included the first one below, and we were surprised at how much it resonated with so many of you. We enjoyed hearing your thoughts, your predictions, your woes, and your upbeat philosophy on what is ahead.

This quarter we are watching the U.S. grapple with a labor shortage. The jobs exist, but where are the workers? The CNN Business article  “No, unemployment benefits aren’t the problem” discusses the myths and the making of this pandemic byproduct. “The pandemic economy is new and keeps evolving. That’s part of the reason economists got their forecasts so spectacularly wrong last month,” the reporter writes. Studies show the obvious: with so many people shopping more online, the clicks are diminishing the bricks, or physical stores.

What does that mean to our industry? What stood out to us were the words above: keeps evolving.

We should like that concept, right? Good design keeps evolving and iterating and changing, all for the better, we hope. By embracing the concept of change, we can think around it, plan for it, become our most creative because of it rather than fear and dread change. That’s the attitude we are taking at Tritter Feefer. We are seeing some of our designers’ best work come into our workshops.

And while the delivery dates are farther out than Tritter Feefer would have ever dreamed and even though we wish we could find and hire more staff and additional qualified artisans, we have decided to celebrate what we can, use our critical thinking and creativity for problem solving, and not make ourselves weary by worrying about what we cannot.

How are you handling some of these same challenges? How are you keeping your spirits up while your inventory is low and your delivery times are long? How can we collectively solve some of these issues together? We want to know what you think!

Wishing you sunny skies ahead,

ML, Bill, and the entire Tritter Feefer family

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