December 2021 – Take a Seat with Tritter Feefer

Finding the Joy (1.5 minute read)

Early this year, we began a quarterly conversation we titled “Take a Seat with Tritter Feefer,” a way to connect and converse about our shared industry. We discovered you, too, felt the pain of increased material costs and supply chain snarls. We also learned that you all were seeking ways to serve your clientele without compromising on quality.

And like you, the Tritter Feefer family learned to find the joy in our new circumstances. This Wall Street Journal article (subscription required) recommended designers utilize local talent, something Tritter Feefer has done since our beginning. Our success is built on American artisans who create our furnishings by hand in the United States. We also ramped up our customization program, where we build what our designers envision – from design to size to finish. Seeing your dreams come to life has been one of our biggest joys in 2021. Thank you for including Tritter Feefer in your success this year and supporting our business while we support yours.

Looking ahead, we are taking a proactive, positive approach to our changing business. We are marching into 2022 with a full heart and full of ideas. In this spirit, Redland Cotton shared a lovely piece with Five Reasons You Should Buy Made in the USA that spoke to us.

Like Redland, we have our reasons to purchase American products:

1 – Our business, likes yours, expands to provide more jobs! We estimate we have created 250,000 hours of manpower (and womanpower!) through sourcing, designing, creating, delivering, and selling in 2021.

2 – Tritter Feefer artisans are so proud (and rightly so!) of their craft, an American art. Supporting our small business keeps a valuable artform thriving in rural Georgia.

3 – We are family-owned and operated and representing one of the last few American furniture manufacturers which are now few and far in between.

Whatever your reasons may have been to choose Tritter Feefer in 2021, we hope your support continues in 2022. We thank you a million times over.

Have a blessed holiday with your loved ones in a space that brings you peace and joy.

All the best,
ML, Bill, Rik and the entire Tritter Feefer family
Tritter Feefer – Bespoke in the U.S.A.