April 2021 – Take a Seat with Tritter Feefer

Friends conversing with friends about industry trends (1.5-minute read)

Not too long ago Tritter Feefer emailed our clients to explain supply chain woes and the resulting volatility. Ironically, the same week we sent our note, we also received several others, similar in tone (frustrated but transparent) and content (we are all suffering).

As Bill and I pondered both the messages and what’s next in our industry, we felt like pulling our people together, pouring a big cup of coffee (or larger glass of wine!!), and sitting down to discuss this crazy phenomenon of massive demand with snarled supply chain backlogs. Then we read this Washington Post article in early March: You Might be Waiting Many Months for That New Couch. This non-industry article explored what we in the business have been facing for months. Written for the end-consumer audience, the article approached the issue from our clients’ perspective.

We wanted to share the article in hopes you might find it helpful to use with your own client base, to help explain the unprecedented situation our industry is facing. Remember over a decade ago when we had product but a major decline in demand? We don’t know about you, but our economics professors never covered this current situation!

So welcome to a new series from Tritter Feefer, one we hope will increase dialogue where we can help each other and learn a few things, too. We will publish “Take a Seat” quarterly and welcome ideas you might us to research and discuss. We will pass on tidbits like the Washington Post article or highlight something clever we’ve found for you, who are both our clients and our friends.

We are navigating this together, and we want to contribute to your success as much as we want to create our own. Please let us know what you think and if you shared this article with your own clients. Let’s chat about what we can do collectively while learning from each other.

Wishing you sunny skies ahead,

ML, Bill, and the entire Tritter Feefer family